Our Work Process

Let's get to know each other, what your goals are, and develop a plan that fits your needs.


Learn more about the services we provide and select which one meets your needs. Once you have selected a service, feel free to contact us for further details


  • Team Building​
  • Business Communication
  • Management Skills (delegation, meetings, soft skills)
  • Time Management
  • Financial Efficiency
  • Goal Setting and Strategy Development
  • Performance Oriented Business
  • Corporate Culture, Vision, Mission
  • Personal Development
  • English Business Language
  • Working and Traveling Internationally (cross-culture, expectations, best practice)


  • Productivity
  • Strategy Development
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Profile
  • Client Relationship


  • Individual and group or team
  • Retreats
  • Personal Development Plan

Speakers and Presentations

Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny.

Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.

From Good to Great and Great by Choice by Jim Collins.

And many more

Business English.

Working/Studying Abroad.

Cross-cultural Training.

Interview Techniques and Preparation.

Customer Service through English Medium.

Our Work Process

We are ready to come along side you and your business no matter which stage you are in. Whether you are considering opening a new business or are wanting to make changes after ten years of service, we can assist you. 


After meeting and providing us with initial information we will develop an outline of steps we recommend to get you moving in the right direction. We can walk along side you step by step or be available for advice as needed. 


We will help to develop markers and goals for you to follow and also as a way to evaluate your progress towards achieving the results you want. 

Still Have Some Questions?

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Feel free to contact our team to learn more about the services we provide and to schedule a free consulting session. 

Why work with consultants when you are experienced in your field?

We won’t claim to know your business better than you do but we bring skills and a new perspective to support your expertise and improve results.

Everyone benefits from an outside perspective. Whether we are deep in our daily tasks or struggling to see the results we are expecting, another set of eyes can bring the needed insight to make positive changes.

Financially it is also a benefit to bring consultants alongside your company. Sometimes our businesses need help with a project, need to resolve a problem, or improve employee competencies. Each of these issues are temporary in nature and often don’t require hiring a full-time employee. We can join your team to accomplish a short-term goal but form a long-term relationship.