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We bring stability and growth to your business one step at a time.

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We are a small passionate team, bringing together three cultures to create one vision; to see individuals and businesses reach their potential. Our different backgrounds and experiences allow us to see and approach each challenge with a unique perspective. Our goal is to serve entrepreneurs and businesses in Uzbekistan and beyond by helping them to develop the strategies and skills they need to succeed.


If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner to help you with decision-making in your business, ProBiz Steps is the right place for you!

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Our trainings provide broad foundational information as well as being customizable based on your need. Whether you want to discuss corporate culture as a staff or improve efficiency through goal setting we can design a practical learning experience for you.

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We will walk with you through the process of evaluating areas you believe need improvement or identify what may be holding you back. Expect lots of questions with the help of special tools to get to the root of the issue.

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As a coach we will help you work through areas you are feeling stuck in, create steps toward improvement, and introduce you to resources for your own development. Again, expect lots of questions and through our conversation we’ll map out the best steps for growth.

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Speakers and Presentations

We offer presentations and seminars through expert trainers. Topics vary and are provided in open forums or can be held privately with invitation only. Many of our trainings can also be done as presentation overviews, reports, or introductions to the topic.


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Have you heard the saying “results may vary”? It may not sound reassuring but depending on the context it can be very helpful. Most of us at some point have tried to find the perfect solution to a situation. Very rarely has the ‘perfect’ solution produced the results we expected, but it did get us on path in the right direction. As we join you on your path we will help you navigate and make adjustments to stay focused on the goals you have established.

Results are produced by:

  • Creating adaptable processes which can grow and be adjusted
  • Focusing on changes that bring improvement, not extra work
  • Goal setting/strategy development and creating healthy business practices


If you are looking for a trusted and experienced partner to help you with decision-making in your business, Probiz Steps is the right place for you!

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Reach Potential

Of course we desire to have a successful business but think of us as doctors who practice medicine not because of the money they can make but because of the satisfaction they receive seeing their patients live life to the fullest potential. Just as we are meant to live life to the fullest, our careers and businesses should be healthy and thriving.

Address Challenges

A second reason is that we enjoy the challenge. Some people like puzzles, others fixing electronics, or gardening. We like the challenge of helping businesses and individuals make steps towards greater success.

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Improve Communities

Thirdly, when businesses do well in our communities we all benefit. Businesses are like the veins pumping life throughout our cities. Healthy businesses therefore improve our standard of living, our employment rates, and the growth potential of our communities. This is why making money is not the only priority of businesses. We strive to improve our communities and the quality of life in order to leave a legacy for future generations.

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